An international experience

Torleone maintains collaborative relationships with university residences across Europe and organizes cultural exchanges and trips to discover major European cities, including: London, Oxford, Vienna, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Granada and Lisbon.

Every year, Torleone organizes a weekend abroad for Seniors, during which students plan activities and initiatives for the following months. There are increasingly more students who go on an Erasmus program deciding to stay in a Rui partner residence.

IESE torleone

Scholarships and International Activities

Fondazione Rui promotes many initiatives and international exchange activities by providing scholarships and subsidies from the fund dedicated to internationalization: the Summer School of IESE in Barcelona, ​​the Calarossa Summer School in Palermo, and JUMP + courses in collaboration with major International Business Schools.

For the last two years, Fondazione Rui has also funded various scholarships for the ChinaMed Business Program, a 6-week program with over 200 hours of training, which takes place at Peking University in the cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Shenzhen.

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