In Dialogue With...

Torleone has always been dedicated to offering its residents great cultural encounters, including opportunities to meet with political leaders and reflections on current issues, as well as opportunities for recreation and the cultivation musical and artistic passions.

Great protagonists from contemporary history have been hosted within the walls of our assembly hall.

Italian politicians, great writers, entrepreneurs, football players, philosophers, singers and directors have shared their professional experience and, thus, have contributed to expanding students’ knowledge of the professional world.


Lorenzo Gollinucci

HR director of Penske Automotive Group Italy

Guest @Torleone in 2019/20

Gianluca Aureliano

Serie A referee and Lawyer

Guest @Torleone in 2019/2020

Alì Ehsani


Guest @Torleone in 2019/20

Mario Carraro

CEO MeccAlte S.p.A

Guest @Torleone in 2019/20

Giuseppe Ghini

Professor of Slavic studies

Guest @Torleone in 2019/20

Andrea Foschi

Vicepresident Soluzioni Srl

Guest @Torleone in 2018/19

Roberto Primavilla

General Director of publishing house Conti Editore

Guest @ Torleone in 2018/19

Giuliano Ferrari


Guest @Torleone in 2018/19

Paolo Guizzardi

Operations e Product director of Macron Bologna

Guest @Torleone in 2018/19

Antonio De Capoa


Guest @Torleone in 2018/19

Gianfranco Incorpora

Infrastructure consultant in Ferrari Auto SpA

Guest @Torleone in 2018/19

Aurelio Luglio

Senoir Partner Atmen S.r.l.

Guest @Torleone in 2018/19

Lorenzo Ornaghi

Former Rector of Università Cattolica and Minister of Italian Republic

Guest @Torleone in 2018/19

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