Meetings and seminars case study discussions on the ethics of media, finance, international business and medicine

The University Residence Torleone is part of a network of residences and organizations that deal with formation and organize activities for university students both in Italy and abroad.

Some of the initiative the Residents of Torleone have been part of in the last years are: 

Med Seminar, Rome, march 2015: convention for med-school students;

English courses at the  Netherhall House college in London, august 2014;
- Working camp in Nicaragua, july-august 2014: international voluntary work  building a rural school;
Calarossa Summer School, Terrasini (Palermo), july 2014: Work ethics case studies for students of all the departments.
Jus Seminar, Rome, october 2013: convention for Law school students;
Ing Seminar, Rome, october 2013: convention for engineering students;
Euca Summer School, Cambridge, september 2013: seminar about the political European identity aimed at a selected number of students residents in the European Residence Netweork EUCA;
Media Training Summer School, Castellania (AL), august 2013: convention about the world of communication.