The Story

Torleone is present in the city of Bologna since 1958. Up to 1986 it was in the building in Via Toffano, 13. The name of the residence comes from this old place. Nearby we could find the Tower of the De' Leoni family, hence the name of the residence..

In 1986 the residence moved to Via Sant'Isaia, 79. It's a historical building, its centre goes back to the end of the XVI century as the home of the old Company named after Saint Pellegrin. The origin of the Company is represented in a picture by Ludovico Carracci, altar piece of the chapel of the residence.

From the beginning of its activity, Residence Torleone has built strong relationships with the Univerisities of Bologna, documented by the different professors who throughout the years have visited our residence.

The residence has some times participated and still participates to the organization of university seminars. Generations of students, highly prepared and motivated, have come to the residence and then have passed to high profile professional tasks or jobs. One of Torleone's resources is the network created with the other Rui Foundation residences in the main italian cities. This fact has given the possibility to develop sinergies, exchange information and experiences. As a consequence of all this work, the Rui Foundation has constantly been in first line in the creation of adequate instructive instruments for the students' world: in the last decades  study methods, university orientation and tutoring; now Rui is the the first to apply coaching to the university students