Coaching can be defined as the art of guiding a personal improvement. It happens pretty often that we want to correct our behaviour, acquire an ability or to lose a bad habit. Coaching is actually training to realise these changes. The experts from the Rui Foundation have pinpointed the usual behaviours (called “competences”) that, in the experience of the professional world, make up the concrete expressions of a mature personality, able to face and solve problems both alone and in group and collaborate constructively both with colleagues and senior workers. The student is the actor of his own changes and, starting from this list of competences, he chooses to improve those behaviours in which he is more motivated.

The coach helps the student:

- commit to realistic goals;

- transform them into concrete objectives;

- decide precise actions;

- periodically control the execution.

Coaching let's the student take advantage of the university years to acquire not only theoretical or techinical notions, but also bahavioural abilities. These abilities generate existential well-being and personal satisfaction and they also will give students the edge when they'll have to enter the professional world.
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