About us

Torleone is a University Residence for boys. It offers lodging for all the days of the week. The activities you can participate to mix care for each student and academical and professional preparation. 

In a setting rich of personale relationships and cultural incentives, tens of students (both from the residence and from the city) regularly participate to our activities. Hundreds of residents during our more than fifty year long history have lived at our residence, and they now are witnesses of the richness and the professionaity of the life at the residence. For each student an elaborated personalised formative project is realised, aiming at the acquisition of competence and at reaching excellent results in their academical career. 

Life at Torleone offers many chances to build new significant relationships and to meet high profile personalities of the university, professional and cultural world.

Many people are part of this patrimony of relationships:

·numerous Bolognese students attend the residence to study and for the cultural activities the residence offers;
·university professors and different professionals from different sectors, that the residents can meet in an openminded and informal setting;
·students residents in other colleges in Italy or abroad that are in close relationship with Torleone.